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Cosmetic Injectable Procedures by your Dentist

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When thinking about the health of your teeth, it’s unlikely you are thinking of Botox – a drug associated with creating a more youthful appearance – as the answer. Products like Botox and Juvederm are primarily associated with treating wrinkles or blemishes. Some have even been used to treat migraines. Many people are surprised to learn these products can also be used effectively in many dental procedures.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding usually takes place unconsciously while we sleep. If you grind your teeth, you may experience jaw ache, headaches, gum issues, as well as the wearing down of your tooth enamel. Some dentists recommend stress management or wearing a mouth guard while sleeping at night. Other dentists are beginning to recommend Botox injections. These injections help relax your jaw. The effects last for about four months and have shown to help curtail teeth grinding in some cases.

Adjusting to New Dentures

Patients who are wearing dentures for the first time may experience gum and muscle pain as they adjust to them. Botox treatments can work to alleviate that muscle pain and give the patient a more pain-free experience.

Orthodontic Cases

Patients who are getting braces for the first time are sure to feel a lot of muscle pain in their gums. This pain comes from the teeth being adjusted to their intended position. Botox treatments can relax the muscles and help the process go more smoothly. An easier transition to braces, especially for kids, can be lifesaver.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm are most commonly used to increase volume in the face, creating a more youthful appearance. Surprisingly, Juvederm and similar fillers can be used along with numbing treatments for dental cases. They work to increase the aesthetics to your jaw and mouth after any dental procedure.

Why Go to Your Dentist for These Procedures?

You may be wondering why you would choose to go to your dentist for these procedures instead of a cosmetic surgeon. The number one reason is that your dentist is already experienced and proficient in applying injections to these areas. Every day, they are injecting other anesthetics in the same location as the Botox or dermal filler will go. They have perfected these techniques, which ensures an experience with minimal pain and discomfort.

Dentists undergo special training to provide these treatments. They take all the training and expertise that they have with the face, jaw, and mouth structure and apply this knowledge to the procedures. That experience gives them an edge and allows them to see all the benefits these treatments can bring their patients. Dentists are specialists in the mouth and face, and they should be the first place you go for these treatments.

Are Cosmetic Injectable Procedures Right for You?

If you are experiencing any of the conditions discussed above or think you have another gum, teeth, or mouth problem that might benefit from cosmetic injections, visit your dentist today. If your family dentist isn’t trained in these procedures, he or she will be able to refer you to one of their colleagues. Cosmetic treatments for dental work is an advanced treatment option that can work wonders to relieve your symptoms.

If you need the injectable procedures for cosmetic purposes or for medical necessity, see your dentist at Cobblestone Park Family Dental.