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4 cooling foods that are good for your teeth and gums

Summer is trucking along, and the sun keeps beating down on us all day, every day. Some days, it can feel difficult to escape the heat. It’s only natural to seek out foods that will help cool you down and provide some much needed relief. For some, this means turning to sugary treats like popsicles and ice cream. While these might help beat the heat, they can wreak havoc on your dental health. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise. Check out these dentist-approved cooling foods.

Leafy greens

Whether they make up the base of your salad or top a sandwich full of cold cuts, leafy greens are an excellent part of any summer meal. One of the best parts of eating leafy greens is how customizable they are. If you continually switch up the other ingredients in your salads and sandwiches, you can keep yourself from tiring of them.

Between kale, spinach, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, and more, you have a variety of options to choose from, all of which feature different textures and subtle flavors. All of these choices have high water content, helping prevent dehydration in the hot summer months. Additionally, the high vitamin K content in greens can help prevent inflammation and protect bone health. This, in addition to them being easy to digest, make them an excellent choice for those active in summer sports.

Believe it or not, leafy greens are also great for your teeth. Calcium and folic acid—along with plenty of other vitamins and minerals—help maintain tooth and gum health. Leafy greens also clean your teeth while you chew.

Apples and Pears

Like leafy greens, apples and pears both have a high water content. They’re also incredibly refreshing, especially when pulled from a cold refrigerator or cooler. They are both a part of the pome family of fruits, which are characterized by cores of small seeds surrounded by a hard core.

Pomes like apples and pears are ideal either as a snack on their own, served dipped in peanut butter, or in a salad. Apples and pears both contain a high concentration of pectin, a fiber that makes you feel full and less likely to snack on something unhealthy afterward. They are the perfect snack for a hot summer day of fun.

Apples and pears are both hard and fibrous, so they clean your teeth and gums while you chew them. The stimulation they provide reduces the bacteria which cause cavities and tooth decay. They also cause your mouth to salivate more, which can further reduce the presence of those bacteria. Stay away from apple juice, though! The high sugar content and lack of fibrous tissue can make things worse.


Zucchini is a popular variety of summer squash known for being hearty, high in water content, and deliciously customizable. Like the other fruits and vegetables on this list, zucchini is high in Vitamin C, which fights an assortment of dental problems. It also contains high levels of manganese, which protects your body from an overexposure to free radicals that can worsen sun damage. Zucchini also promotes collagen production and supports bone growth.

Zucchini is one of the best vegetables to throw on the grill during summer months. You can also spiralize it to create a pasta-like dish that’s far more easily digestible and hydrating than regular pasta. Try it as a zoodle pasta salad for your next summertime picnic.


If you’ve ever had a fresh watermelon on a sweltering day, you won’t need a lot of convincing here. Watermelon’s are among the most refreshing fruits around thanks to both their high water content and delicate, sweet flavor. They also get bonus points if they’ve been chilling in a refrigerator or cooler. However, all melons provide these benefits, not just watermelons. Cantaloupe, honeydew, and cucumbers are great choices too.

Melons are rich in fiber, which means they increase saliva production and clean your teeth as you chew them. They are also rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent receding and bleeding gums. Vitamin C also helps fight the buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth, keeping gingivitis at bay. Melons are particularly good choices for those with braces or Invisalign, who can have trouble brushing.

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This summer, beat the heat without harming your teeth. These cooling foods will keep you refreshed while also promoting great oral health.