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Fixing a “Gummy Smile”

Woman smiling

Do you feel your teeth are overshadowed by prominent gums? If so, you may have what many people refer to as a “gummy smile,” excessive gum tissue or a hyperactive upper lip. Although typically a benign issue, a gummy smile can have a significant impact on one’s smile and self-confidence.

If you’re self-conscious or embarrassed by a gummy smile, Dr. Jennifer Chambers and Dr. Cory Chambers of Cobblestone Park Family Dental can help with gum reshaping (recontouring) and/or BOTOX. Learn about treatment details in this blog post.

About Gum Reshaping

The goal of gum reshaping is to balance out the appearance of the gums and teeth so they look more proportional to each other. Our dentists can accomplish this by using a soft-tissue laser. The use of laser energy to reshape the gums makes the procedure safer, faster and easier to perform than traditional reshaping methods that involve using a scalpel and other manual dental instruments. Thanks to laser dentistry, gum reshaping is virtually painless, and recovery is quick.

To begin treatment, our dentists will apply a local anesthetic to numb the gums and minimize discomfort. Next, they will use a soft tissue laser to gently remove and re-sculpt the gum tissue to achieve the desired shape and size. Thanks to the precision of the laser, our dentists are able to create a uniform and symmetrical gum line without damaging the surrounding tissue. In addition, the laser cauterizes the gums to stop bleeding, minimizing healing time and the risk of infection. Following treatment, patients may feel mild side effects including soreness and swelling. These side effects are minor and should subside quickly.

Is Gum Reshaping Right for You?

If you avoid smiling or laughing due to a “gummy smile,” or simply feel that your gum-to-tooth ratio is too high, you may benefit from gum reshaping. Suitable candidates for the procedure are individuals who have good oral health and whose gums are free of disease. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums before recommending gum reshaping to you.

Hyperactive Upper Lip

Another factor that can contribute to a gummy smile is a hyperactive upper lip. Some patients with this problem find that the upper lip raises excessively when smiling, revealing more gum tissue than they would like. In these types of cases, our dentists can inject small amounts of Botox into the area to relax the muscles and prevent the lip from raising excessively when smiling.

To learn more about gum reshaping, schedule an appointment with Cobblestone Park Dentistry. Contact our Oklahoma City office by calling (405) 603-8520 or emailing us today.