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The Benefits of Family Dentistry – Oral Health for All

For many families, ensuring that twice-annual dental exams happen for every household member is challenging. It becomes even more complicated when family members see different dentists in different parts of Edmond or Oklahoma City. Although convenience may be the most apparent reason, it is just one reason why a family dentistry practice might be the right fit for your family. 

The Cobblestone Park Family Dental team is passionate about comprehensive family dental care and its benefits for the entire family. In this article, our Oklahoma City dentists and dental hygiene professionals provide a comprehensive overview of how family dentistry makes a difference. 

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Convenience Is Key

As we mentioned earlier, convenience is king–especially in the lives of busy families. Are you tired of playing chauffeur, shuttling your family members to various appointments across town? One of the standout advantages of family dentistry is the unparalleled convenience it brings to your life. It’s your one-stop destination for the entire clan, from the tiniest tots to the most senior members.

Family dentistry ensures everyone’s dental needs are met under one roof: no more scheduling headaches or endless waiting room hours. The convenience of this approach makes your life smoother and your family healthier, fostering regular check-ups and preventive care for all. 

When you schedule your family’s appointments, we can work with you to schedule cleanings for family members simultaneously or back to back. We look forward to helping families, and we want to make the process smooth for everyone. 

Specialized Dental Care for Children 

Imagine a dental office that’s not only kid-friendly but also a place where dental visits become an adventure! We like to think of Dr. Jennifer Chambers, DDS and Dr. Cory Chambers, DDS as magicians in white coats, skilled at transforming the daunting dentist’s chair into an enjoyable experience and easing children’s fears. They understand the unique needs of children and create an environment where little ones feel comfortable and at ease.

Family dentistry is not just about treating children but also educating them. A voice of knowledge, family dentists instill good oral hygiene habits from a young age. This ensures your children grow up with healthy smiles and the know-how to maintain them. The foundation for a lifetime of dental wellness starts here, making family dentistry your ally in crafting bright, confident smiles for the young ones in your life.

Many parents choose pediatric dentistry practices for their children. However, choosing a family dentist can also remove the hurdle of finding a new dentist in young adulthood when they feel they have outgrown their pediatric dentist. 

Experienced Dentistry for Teens and Adults Too 

Family dentistry is a versatile and adaptable type of dentistry. Whether providing care to teens, working professionals, or older generations, we’re trained to see patients throughout their lives. Because of our diversity of services and capabilities, family dentists are ready to cater to your unique needs, which means your specific concerns are addressed promptly.

No more referrals to different specialists; family dentists have the expertise to provide the treatments your family requires. Just a few of our services include: 

We are often the all-in-one solution to your diverse dental needs, making oral health more straightforward and more accessible for every generation in your family.

Preventative Care For Life-Long Oral Health 

We are all about keeping smiles healthy and helping our patients avoid more significant dental issues down the road. Regular check-ups and cleanings are essential in your oral health journey. By catching dental problems in their infancy, family dentists save you from discomfort and save your hard-earned income. 


Preventive care keeps you ahead of the game, ensuring that your dental health remains a triumph rather than a trial. Continuity of care over the ages and stages of life also makes a difference for many of our patients. When you have a long-term established relationship with a family dentist, like Cobblestone Park Family Dental, we can look back at past X-rays and other dental records to identify trends or refer back to previous notes. This helps our dentists and hygienists in Oklahoma City ensure the best possible care for you and your family. 

Education For The Whole Family 

One of the best parts of practicing family dentistry is the opportunity to educate our patients of all ages. The basics of oral healthcare remain the same throughout your lifetime, but specific dental needs change as we experience growth and change, specific dental needs change. For example, caring for your teeth during pregnancy, how to floss with metal braces or proper care of dentures.  


Whatever stage of life you are in, you’ll leave each appointment with more than just a clean mouth; you’ll leave with the knowledge and tools to maintain your oral health. We also know that parents have the most significant impact on their children’s oral health and habits, so we love being involved in education for every family member. From proper brushing techniques to dietary tips that keep your teeth strong, as family dentists, we hope to empower you. 

Dental Emergency Response

When facing a dental emergency, the team at Cobblestone Park is here to help. We can ensure you can access prompt and efficient care when unexpected dental issues arise. Whether it’s a sudden, painful toothache, a lost filling, or a broken tooth, a family dentist is your first line of defense. Establishing care with an OKC-area family dental practice you trust can be so helpful when facing an emergency. 

A Legacy of Healthy Smiles

Family dentistry isn’t just about the present but also the future. It’s about passing down the knowledge of good oral health from generation to generation. Think of it as a legacy that you’ll hand over to your kids, and they’ll pass it on to theirs. It’s pretty special when children see their parents visiting the same dentist!

Find Great Family Dental Care in OKC 

So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have a family dentist in Oklahoma City, we’d love to help. We believe Cobblestone Park Family Dental is where healthy smiles begin and continue for generations. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, our friendly family dentistry team is here to help.